Having recently returned from GenCon, I feel like I spent the week with real life Fanboys and Chum Chums.  Created by Eric Robles, Fanboy and Chum Chum tells the tale of a devoted boy named Fanboy and his best friend and trusty sidekick, ChumChum.  The pair are hyper super fans of all things sci-fi and fantasy.  Though they live in a world of adventure and imagination, there is no LARPing or filking involved.  (And if I have to explain either of those terms to you, YOU are not a resident of fanboy/geek culture).

The most recent collection of theirs is called Brain Freeze and every episode focuses around their favorite treat, a cup of Frosty Freezy Freeze:  “Brain Freeze”, “Berry Sick”, “Refill Madness”, “The Frosty Bus”, “Jingle Fever”, “Back from the Future”, and “Norse-ing Around”.

What I’ve always appreciated about Fanboy and Chum Chum is how they remind us that we have to participate in the story of life.  We’re to embrace all aspects of life, living with the goal of loving everyone and everything with holiness and imagination. It should impact how we work, how we play, and how we relate to one another; finding our redemptive mission in continuing the work God began to reconcile all of creation to Him.

And they remind us that imagination is not only not bad, but a thing to be cherished.  There is room for imagination and make believe in our children’s worlds, in all of our worlds. The idea is to have child-like faith, with the idea of keeping a sense of awe, wonder, and appreciation of mystery.  Underwear over our pants is optional.

The Fanboy & Chum Chum:  Brain Freeze collection is light on episodes and skimps on the extras (we’re left with “Brain Freeze” Original Animatic).  So basically, this is just a quick fix meant only to tide you over.  In other words, just enough to enjoy, but not enough to give you a braaaaaaaain freeeeeeeeeeze.