King’s Justice, the second book of the Knights of Breton Court trilogy will be available next month.  To whet your appetite, Angry Robot has made available a sample chapter.  (I won’t lie:  I keep playing with it just to watch the pages flip.  In fact, I’m only doing this blog post as an excuse to play with it again.)

As a huge fan of sword and sorcery tales which take place in ancient Africa, the anthology Griots is a project that I’m excited about.  Not just because it’s a chance to highlight “sword and soul,” but it’s a chance for me to be in the same table of contents as one of my heroes, Charles Saunders (author of Imaro) as well as my friend, Carole McDonnell.  You can read an excerpt of my story “Lost Son” here or go here to sample other stories from the antho.  Available soon.

On the less than free sample front, my story “Pimp My Airship” has been reprinted in the anthology Descended from Darkness vol 2. Not only do you get great stories from Mary Robinette Kowal, Jennifer Pelland, Alethea Kontis, Ekaterina Sedia, to make it seem like even more of a Dark Faith reunion, the stories from the Dark Faith issue of Apex Magazine are in here, too.  This means you get stories from Jerry Gordon and Paul Jessup.  Available now.

For my gamer fans, I was part of the development team for Leverage:  Grifters and MastermindsEvery job needs a plan, and every con needs a player. This sourcebook for the Leverage RPG includes expanded rules for staging heists, planning capers, and putting one over on the mark. It’s the ultimate resource for both players and Game Masters, including more classic con frameworks, new twists, a host of cover identities, criminal masterminds, and plenty of scenario ideas. Available February 8th.