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Friday Night Date Place

Why Date?

Are You Ready to Date?

A Realistic View of Marriage

Defining Dating

The Couch Dilemma

Making the First Move

Vows: Hers and Mine

The List: Part I and II

The Series on Sex:

The Talk

The Church and Sex

Chastity as Discipline

The Line

Biblical Loopholes for Sex?

Biblical Loopholes for Sex? Part II

The M-Word

Marc Davidson’s Dating Tips
Part I and Part II

Becoming a Prayer Warrior

Internet Dating

A Few First Date Tips

Getting to Know Your Part I and Part II

Miss Independent



Treasuring Friendships

You Burning? Part I and Part II

Break Ups Part I: Mourning Times

Conversations 101

Break Ups Part II: Still Mourning

Break Ups Part III: Heart-Broken

Singleness is a Sin

Smother Much?

Break Ups Part IV: Forgiving

Accept Who They Are

No One Wants to See That

Boyz II Men

Promises, Promises

Deal Breaker

To Date or Not to Date

Meeting the Folks

Meeting the Kids

No Kids?

Meet the Friends

Meet the Friends Part II


A Few More Musings on Sex

The Discontent Dance

Check Your Man

Getting Serious

Never the Bridesmaid

Self-Destructive Ain’t Cute

Dating Divorcees

The Right to be Picky

Thou Doth Protest Too Much


The “Let’s Just Be Friends” Lie

Circle of Friends

Fidelity Tastes Like Chicken

For the Love of Money

Dating Addiction

Abusing Intimacy

Moving in Together

A Thief Always Gets Caught

When Love is not Enough

Hooking Up for the Holidays

Seriously, Just Friends (Take the Hint)

Finding Your Comfort Place

Why I Have Stopped Dating Christian Women (Jon Harp Guest Blog)

Surviving Valentine’s Day

Church Screws Up?

Shopping to Shop

Design a Single’s Ministry

Crap of Get Off the Pot

Perfection: Give Up the Dream

Cutting the Apron Strings

True Beauty

Fellas Take Notes

On Again/Off Again

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