A few weeks ago, I looked at having a realistic view of marriage. A lot of people date with the idea of marriage as the end game, so it’s always good to have an idea of what it is you are actually aiming for (and if you should be in all that much of a “hurry” to get there).

As another way of looking at what it is so many folks think they are ready for, I thought that I would look at the vows that my wife and I took six years ago. Today I will post her vows. Coincidentally, tomorrow is our anniversary, which means that you’ll get a special Saturday edition of “Friday Night Date Place” as I post my vows then. These vows were written by my friend and pastor, Rich Vincent, originally for his wedding, but a lot of us who have been under his ministry have co-opted them for our weddings. This is what my wife pledged:

As I await the future resurrection and glorification of the body, I must due to my present frailties, weaknesses, and continued sinfulness, not only say, and not only promise, but rather, I must vow to you before friends, family, God, and government, those things which, apart from the grace of God, I can not fulfill.

As the Church loves Christ sacrificially,
so I vow to sacrifice all for your sake
As the Church loves Christ supremely,
so I vow to ever delight in only you
As the Church loves Christ eternally,
so I vow to love you until my dying day

As the Church cherishes Christ,
so I vow to esteem you my greatest treasure
As the Church submits to Christ,
so I vow to submit to you
As the Church represents Christ,
so I vow to respectfully obey you
As the Church serves Christ,
so I vow to serve you with all humility and patience

And just as the church will forever remain the bride of Christ,
so I vow to never depart from or abandon you,

For Richer or poorer
In sickness and in health
For better or for worse
Until death do us part

By my love, I hope to prepare you for the One whose love
I can only but hope to faintly imitate- the Lord Jesus Christ

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