Consider me invoking what I call the Brian Keene disclaimer: “The following people should not read this entry … People who often read themselves into the things I say, even when I wasn’t talking about them. Seriously, if you are the type that says, “Oh, I wonder if he means me?’ then stop reading now … Indeed, the people I’m talking about probably won’t even realize that I’m talking about them. So don’t start inserting your name.” Then again, if you see yourself in this, do something about it.*

Saturday I declared a random anti-emo tweet day (yes, similar to my random declaration of a South Park Day) over on my Twitter account. One of the reasons I didn’t want to get a Twitter was because it was another avenue for needless, self-created drama to enter my life. Tweets that may indicate dramatic behavior:

“I would like to dedicate this half line of lyric… to… you know who you are…”

[insert vague emo tweet to rile folks up enough to IM, text, and e-mail me]

no, this mysterious tweet is not just me attention whoring …

why yes unfriending me on facebook and/or myspace constitutes real drama in my life

tweeting melodramatically sure beats a person just being honest and saying “could someone check in on me?”

as my final tweet on anti-emo tweet day, is there a word to describe twitter drama or emo tweeting?

By the way, here were some of the suggestions: twitter flouncers, twama, twemo and referring to those emo tweeters as twaddicts, theatwits or twats.

It’s just another sign of how the Internet is not everyone’s friend, leaves people prone to blog gossip, and allows keyboard courage to emo types. Yes, it had been a frustrating week.

*It was either that or invoke the John Scalzi disclaimer: As advance warning, this entry might be douchebaggishly egotistical, but, well. You should be used to that by now.

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