Sure, I could give you a thorough recap of GenCon.  It was the first time I REALLY dug into the convention as opposed to dropping by to say “hi” to some friends and then taking off.  I could go on about having a great time with Matt Forbeck, Monica Valentinelli, Anton Strout, Tobias Buckell, Jesse Scoble, Lucien Soulban, Lawrence Connolly, Christina Stitt, Jenn Brozek and many other new friends, but I won’t.  I could go on and on about how The Broaddus Clan ran ourselves ragged between GenCon, the Broaddus Family Reunion, First Friday, old friends dropping into town, and about a half dozen other things this city decided it had to throw THIS WEEKEND.  Instead, I’m going to summarize the convention as seen through my twitter feed:

I love that the usual downtown street musicians are playing super hero theme songs.

Wow, the morning came early. This will be an interesting panel…

So I’m on the “crafting the love scene” panel. because I speak of the pompatus of love.

“I write my sex scenes like I do my fight scenes.” * “You’re married, aren’t you?”

Filking. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

“That’s not a costume. That’s a cry for help.”

Ha! There’s a booth here for “gamer’s soap”. Oddly enough, there’s no line there. KEEP HOPE ALIVE!

and then i stabbed @antonstrout with a pen …

Nerds gone wild!

Dear Spartan, no one from 300 had man boobs. MOOBS! #genconfail

It is too early in the morning for larping…

The Ram Brewery knows its market: I’m eating the “Dire Troll Bomber”. (although … Cthuhlu Tar Tar …)

“I speak Klingon.” * “By strange coincidence, I’m fluent in douchbaggery.”

My chick bad, my chick hood (@supersjbroaddus) … though my chick loses hood points for making the boys costumes for gencon

Spending my time photobombing this dude in the Jack Sparrow costume

Day 3 of the Magic tournament. I refuse to enter the room because I know none of them have been by the gamer soap booth.

QOTD: “That booth is like the cast of Twilight walking into a gay bar.”

It’s too bad my kids want little things like a college education, because GeekChic would have a lot of my money right now.

Apparently 1K of the 60K of my fellow nerds have decided to crop-dust the Apex Books table because of my gamer soap jokes…

Hmm…the Apex Books minions get younger & younger. And the dress code is now out of Super Mario Brothers…

Dear TGIFridays, no one in the Caribbean eats anything called “reggae ribs.” You might as well serve it with “rasta pasta”.

Seriously, I’m networking. Don’t ask me to explain the women dancing in cages behind me. I blame @apexjason.

“What kind of girl says ‘! know he has french fries on his head, but he’s hot.'” #InDenialOfLivingInHisMomsBasement

Uh oh. @apexjason just yelled “do you think you’re better than me?” to the french fry guy. #RedneckBattleCry.

The full photo album can be seen here.