I was at a nightclub almost a dozen years ago, when a girl I hardly knew came up to me and told her that a guy had dragged her into the bathroom and tried to force her to perform oral sex on him. I had seen the girl around the club a lot. I knew she had a reputation for being fairly promiscuous. But that didn’t matter to me. No woman deserves to be assaulted. I don’t know why she came to me with this instead of security. It wasn’t my nightclub. I was just there as a customer like her. That didn’t matter either. She came to me and so I was going to do something. I followed her over to where the guy stood and picked up an empty beer bottle out of the trash on my way. Once we were there the story started to change and it turned out that she had gone into the bathroom with the guy willingly and he had gotten the wrong message blah, blah, blah, one big misunderstanding. I walked away and left them to figure it all out themselves. I dropped the bottle back in the trash where I had picked it up. And then as the adrenalin fled my system I realized that I had been about to smash a bottle in the face of a guy who had done me no wrong because of a girl that I hardly knew. Why? Because rapists are the lowest pieces of shit on the planet in my opinion, right alongside child molesters, wife beaters, and gay bashers. Beating each and every one of them to bloody ruin would be my greatest joy.

One of the saddest facts about life today is the surprisingly few women who have never been sexually assaulted or molested in some way as either children or adults. An estimated three out of five women have been sexually abused. Far too large a number. I can no more understand the mentality of a man who believes he is justified in taking his pleasure from a woman by force than I can those who assault children. It is a cowardly despicable act and should be punishable by death. The three strikes rule for rapists and child molesters who repeat should end with them strapped to a table receiving a lethal injection. Chemical castration does not work as we have discovered because rape is not a sexual act so much as an act of violence and control. You don’t need a functional penis to do violence to someone. There is also the ability to simply stop taking your meds once you are on the outside allowing for the libido to com raging back at full potency. Chemical castration is voluntary and as such is just a gimmick used by cons to get an early parole. Chemical castration is also not a deterrent. It is too civilized and humane to be a true deterrent if we forced cons to take an injection everyday for the rest of their lives with a parole officer present. First we don’t have the manpower and resources for such a plan and second it wouldn’t solve the problem. I think literal castration would be far more effective. After three strikes you could have the choice of losing your equipment entirely not just the testicles but the whole shebang leaving only a hole for you to piss through or just taking the hot shot and getting it over with. I think this would be a great deterrent. If they commit any acts of sexual violence after being castrated they would be put to death without question. The only problem with deterrents like this is that most rapists don’t believe they will get caught and some don’t even realize that what they are doing is wrong. At most corporations it is required to take a sexual harassment seminar yet it is not required in high school or college when our ideas about sexuality are forming. And I have one more suggestion, make the killing of a rapist a legal act and not just to prevent rape but make it legal to avenge one. I’d kill every rapist in four square miles in one weekend … after I castrated them all with a sharp spoon and sodomized them with baseball bats and broomsticks. Fuck a rapist. Kill them all.

I have heard women rationalize date rape. “Maybe I led him on.” Maybe it didn’t really happen.” “I shouldn’t have put myself in that situation.” I agree, women should be more careful with the situations they put themselves into. This world we live in is nothing nice. Still, no man should ever assault a woman. It is never a woman’s fault when she is raped.

When I worked as a bouncer at a nightclub in San Francisco called the Sound Factory, every night women would get so drunk at the club that they would pass out. When we found them we would wake them up and carry them out of the club and either put them in cabs if they were sober enough or sit them on the curb until they sobered up where they would inevitably pass out again. By the end of the night there would be between ten and twenty men and women lined up along the curb completely out cold. There friends, boyfriends, relatives would drive up and claim them at the end of the night. I often wondered how many of those intoxicated, unconscious women were plucked from the curb by men who were not their friends or boyfriends and wound up getting raped or worse. I always wondered why a woman would put herself in that position knowing the kind of world we live in. But the truth is that even carelessness and stupidity of that magnitude does not justify rape. It does not make it the woman’s fault. She does not somehow become an accomplice in her own rape because she did something stupid. How many dumb things do you do in a day when you should have known better? How would you like it if you got raped because of any of those dumb decisions? It shouldn’t happen to anyone except perhaps the rapists themselves. Sodomizing rapists in prison should almost be mandatory. Fuck a rapist. Kill them all!

I remember going with a lesbian feminist friend and sometime lover of mine to an art gallery in LA to see an artist she was fond of who had an exhibit on Melrose. There was a piece of political pop art that struck me so hard that I remember it to this day two decades later. It was a picture of a woman her eyes blacked out by a marker on a background of torn red paper with the words “Men do not protect you” written across it in large block letters. Men do not protect you. That is a shame. Because we should. We should be your heroes not your victimizers. You should be able to go to a club and get as drunk as you want, whether I personally approve of that lifestyle or not, and know that you will be protected, that you will not fall prey to some random stranger with a hard on and no moral character. You should know that you can go up to any man in any nightclub and ask him to defend your honor and he would without question because women are the world’s greatest treasure. You should know that I’m not the only man out there that would smash a beer bottle in someone’s face for laying a hand on you. Men should protect you and women should protect themselves and rapists should be castrated and put to death. As I have said about child molesters, rape is not just something you do, a rapist is something you are. And in my opinion it is something that should not be allowed to exist. We should have zero tolerance for this act. Try education. Try rehabilitation. Try punishments and deterrents. But when all of this fails we must be willing to expunge these predators from our society. It is our duty to keep our citizens safe. A woman should feel safe walking down any street in America. She should feel safe going to a man’s house, apartment, or hotel room even if she’s never met him before. She should feel safe walking through a parking lot even if she’s drunk and if she isn’t then we as a society have failed her. Our retribution for crimes against our women and children should be as swift and decisive as that we launch against terrorists who threaten our country. Fuck a rapist. Kill them all!

Wrath James White

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