There was a time when taking more than two baths a week was considered arrogant. Now, before you think that I’m rationalizing my odd showering schedule, hear me out. When television ads became dependent on soap advertising (you know, the reason we often refer to daytime television as “soap operas”), that started a cultural shift in how we viewed the regularity of bathing.

And gave us leverage to make fun of the French, but that’s not the point of this blog.

I’m making my preparations to attend the World Horror Convention in New York City in April. That got me to thinking about the other conventions that I’ve been to and the difference between horror fans and sci-fi/fantasy fans.

There was a sci-fi convention held here in Indy that I went to a few years back. In their program guide they had listed “Rules of Conduct”. Rules of conduct? What kind of fascist convention had I walked into? Well, scanning down their rules I came across rule number six: “Please bathe.” (Rule number nine was “please go home.”) The sad thing was, there are rules for a reason. When you think about it, there had to be a reason that in the book of Leviticus God has to say “don’t have sex with animals”. Now, we were talking about a convention of a few thousand people.

And there were several violations of rule number six. (A violator fit for some sort of jail sentence was this comic shop owner way too into his Magic: the Gathering cards.)

Maybe I haven’t been doing this long enough, but you just don’t have these kind of issues with horror fans.