For those who follow me on Twitter and thought I was having a random breakdown and became fixated on large motor vehicles, here are some accompanying pics from the site of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition season finale (as it was being filmed here in Indianapolis):

At the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition site. The limo’s about to pull up …

We’re waving to Ty! (well, not me. I’m strictly media, you know)

Move that bus already!

And now … some cheerleaders are performing (because this day hasn’t been long enough)

For the record, me and my film crew would have had this shot by now. Granted, there would be some random dance sequence in it.
I’d have Ty and Paige in the background doing the robot …

The times are a-changin’: First a black president & now black folks move into a neighborhood & the property values go up!

Countdown to security wrestling a Paige stalker to the ground.
Normally when you see this many white folks in a black neighborhood … they’re preparing to move away.

I’m convinced: this bus is never moving. In fact, I think I see the McFarlands unpacking their stuff in it.

I’m really starting to hate this bus.

All the writers are herded together. No, no … we’re definitely not gossiping about our papers…

Media secrets: “It’s the last day with the catering tent. Bring the big purse.”

The limo’s FINALLY here.

No, seriously … move the @+!%#!# bus.

Dear Extreme Makeover, if you know black folks talk in the movie theater, what’d you think would happen when you’re filming live?

OMG … tell me the family didn’t just sprint up the street! (with a pack of white cameramen trying to keep up)

Ty’s ass didn’t move.

You can’t stop us from having church out here. “Shout all you want to!”

From Bernard McFarland: “THANK YOU COMMUNITY!!!”

As a member of the media, I neither whoop nor hollar.

“Go on in your house, man. Make all them folks take off their shoes first.”

Although, half the fun of my tweets are the fact that they’re mostly context free.

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