… and About, apparently. Leaving, in the morning, for the World Fantasy Convention 2006 in scenic Madison, Wisconsin. A mere six hour drive, a pittance for he known as “Iron Can.” Marketing genius that I am, I’m not doing any panels or readings, only attending. Since I’m slacking in that department, and there’s no guarantee of room parties or anything (though I’m not ruling those out), I’m going to have to figure out a different way to get known. Something that doesn’t involve me drinking a double digit amount of any drink with the word “monkey” in it.

In our continuing efforts to use this as the professional opportunity that this is supposed to be, part of my new cabal (membership slots still available and we’re still looking for a name) has been looking up most of the attending members. I hate going to things and not knowing anyone, who the players are, or what anyone does. Granted, we hate looking at people as potential contacts (read: we hate it when people look at our name badges then pass us by as not worthy of conversation), but we are working out the people we definitely need to touch base with.

It’s my fervent hope that somewhere out there, someone is Google-ing my name to figure out who I am.

I think of it as intentional networking, especially since we’ll mostly be hanging out in the bar, ready to talk to anybody. That will be our base of operations for the membership drive for the cabal. I’ll give a convention report when I get back.

Meanwhile, over at Horror-Web, I’m featured in their Out & About space. Those ladies rock. Go check out the site (and see what I’m up to as part of my plan to become an overnight success).

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