It’s been a while since we’ve made it to an IMAF (Independent Music + Art Festival).  We love any excuse to make it down to the Harrison Center, as we start there on First Fridays, one of my writers group meets there, and our church, The Crossing, meets in the basement of Redeemer Presbyterian.

Our kids were the biggest champions of IMAF this year.  They HAD to see the band Wolfy,  who—when they aren’t playing pop/rock friendly tunes—are the praise band for Redeemer Presbyterian and The Crossing.  And are beloved by our boys.  As much as it was my dream for one of them to take up the keyboards, My oldest wants to be a drummer and studies every movement Matt Wilsom makes and my youngest wants to be a guitarist, so it’s a good thing Wolfy finally added one.

Speaking of drums, the other band I wanted to see was T.J. Reynolds.  Been a fan of his and just about every incarnation of his band (this time it’s TJ Reynolds and the Freehand Orchestra).  Socially conscious, poetry, and hip hop = made of WIN.

If you don’t believe me about being longtime fans (and this is for my boys who don’t believe me) here’s the blog I did the first time I heard them.

And now, a random picture of me with Gregorlove because everything’s better with a Gregor in your life.