For me, there are a few tell tale signs that it’s officially Christmas season:

1) I hear “Silent Night” by the Temptations

2) I have my Christmas Party.

Yes, it’s that time. My Christmas parties began as murder mystery parties (because, you know, nothing says happy birthday Jesus like killing off your guests), but they started getting a little unwieldy. We’ve had “Christmas at the OK Corral,” “Christmas at Camelot,” “Murder on Space Station X,” “Christmas at the Cotton Club,” “That 70s Party,” and “Pirates and the Caribbean”. No matter the size, it stresses me out every year, and much to your relief gentle reader, it cut into my blogging time.

This year had an Asian theme, with your host

accompanied by his message board moderators

For those complaining that I never have pictures of my wife often enough, here she is as the winner of Best Costume 2006 (female)

However, your host lost Best Costume 2006 (male) to the geisha twins

In the Caption This Department: “What’s up, my nigga?”

Followed by the only proper response

Remember, friends are the family that you choose.

Now get the hell out of my house already.

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