For folks who don’t know, Wrath James White and I are basically like brothers. Overly competitive brothers who like to one up one another. Orgy of Souls was written that way. In what constitutes the rest of our real life, I do a chili, he has to do a chili. He gets a book deal, I have to get a book deal. I do a convention, he has to do a convention. And par for course, KillerCon was Mo*Con on steroids.

As he didn’t learn any lessons after so often mocking me during my Mo*Con prep, I watched he and his co-chair, Monica O’Rourke, ran around madly seeing to everyone’s needs. (The lesson to have remembered: you don’t have to worry about programming gaffs because when in doubt, you have food, booze, and, well, Vegas. The conversations will take care of themselves.) The short and clearly sanitized summary, for those who didn’t just follow my twitter, work got done, new friends were made,
old friends were hung out with.
Plus it’s always good to meet with your agent in the flesh for a change.
This con had a series of firsts for me. I did a reading of some of my fiction (“Night of the Living Baseheads” the story that became the basis/a sub-plot in the first book of The Knights of Breton Court: Kingmaker). Don’t get me wrong, I’d been building up to it, having done some non-fiction readings (“Man-O-Gram”) and a few poems, but never a story. Though I could live without Wrath and Monica bragging about popping my reading cherry …

Also, though I’m use to doing a couple of panels, my wife Sally sat on a panel, the “what the hell was Wrath thinking putting his wife and mine on the” Seven Deadly Sins of Living With a Writer panel. That experience will require a separate blog post.

And the convention was in Las Vegas. With most cons, we rarely leave the hotel so the city hardly matters as long as there are bars/restaurants nearby. This time, we were rarely in the hotel. Of course, the Broaddus’ were personally hosted by Wrath and Christie, for which we are very grateful (and they were the consummate hosts).
With only two tracks of programming, one would think that the con would be more of a relaxicon. Yet between running back and forth to the Strip and trying to take in so much while there, KillerCon needed a few days to recover from (read: I can’t wait til the next one).

And “teh wife” has a more complete album of the event on her FaceBook.

Barbara Vey was live blogging the convention. You may want to check it out.