Notable moments and quotes heard during this year’s Kwanzaa:

Me: what is kwanzaa?
Boys: it’s the brown people holiday … and we’re half brown.
Me: close enough.

Wrapping up today’s Kwanzaa ritual in Broaddus fashion: watching Dr. Who defeat the daleks.

I love listening to the boys try to pronounce kujichagoolia (Kwanzaa day 2). Though Reese now has a harambee dance.

“No boys, unless ujima means ‘have a huge meltdown and hide in my office’, you didn’t practice it during pack up day at church.”

“No, ujamaa does not mean I get to spray paint ‘black owned’ on everything in the house. Not even your brother.”

“I seriously doubt Maulana Karenga imagined anyone doing the robot to the Harambee song.”