Wage a war of apocalyptic proportions in LEFT BEHIND: Eternal Forces – a real-time strategy game based upon the best-selling LEFT BEHIND book series created by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. Join the ultimate fight of Good against Evil, commanding Tribulation Forces or the Global Community Peacekeepers, and uncover the truth about the worldwide disappearances!

-Lead the Tribulation Force from the book series , including Rayford, Chloe, Buck and Bruce against Nicolae Carpathia – the AntiChrist.

-Conduct physical & spiritual warfare : using the power of prayer to strengthen your troops in combat and wield modern military weaponry throughout the game world.

-Recover ancient scriptures and witness spectacular Angelic and Demonic activity as a direct consequence of your choices.

-Command your forces through intense battles across a breathtaking, authentic depiction of New York City .

-Control more than 30 units types – from Prayer Warrior and Hellraiser to Spies, Special Forces and Battle Tanks!

Yes, I know I’m late on this topic (thanks, gRegor!), but hey, at least you can go play the demo. Some days I don’t even have to offer commentary. It’s Grand Theft Auto Evangelism: you get your choice of convert the heathens or killing them. “You can be the Christians blowing away the infidels, and if that doesn’t hit your hot button, you can be the Antichrist blowing away all the Christians.”

Once again, here’s what we are left with in terms of “being in the world but not of the world”: the “Christian” theology of purpose-driven art has taught us that we can’t cuss and we can’t show any naked people, but violence is a-okay. I know there have been role-playing game systems developed, I guess to evangelize the D&D;, dressing up as elves crowd. I was going to make a joke about making a Joshua game, where you get to smite all of the men, women, children, and livestock of the Canaanites, until I ran across this. What’s next? Vice City: Sodom and Gomorrah?

Sing with me: “ And they’ll know we are Christians by our love, by our love. They will know we are Christians by our love.”


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