(And now, the official press release)

Even though the 2008 Halloween season is just beginning to commence, a new book of spooky tales is already getting enormous attention from readers of suspense, horror, and the macabre.

This book portrays more of the mysterious, bizarre and spine-tingling Mountain State tales and legends that have been passed down over the centuries. The title is Legends Of The Mountain State 2: More Ghostly Tales From The State Of West Virginia, with a foreword written by Gov. Joe Manchin, III.

But don’t be misled by the title of this anthology … although all stories are based on known ghosts and legends of West Virginia, every fan of horror, ghost stories, and dark fiction will love this project. In fact, legendary horror writer Joe R. Lansdale had this to say:

“Hardboiled, Southern Gothic. I loved it. It’s lean and mean and it doesn’t care if you like it, which is what makes me like it all the better. Written with a razor on the back of a dead bloated redneck cracker down by the river side, the mountains in view, this is one excellent read.”

Like its predecessor—Legends of the Mountain State [which was released on Halloween 2007]—this unique anthology offers thirteen additional accounts of ghostly manifestations, mythology and mayhem, based on legends from West Virginia. Rural ghost sightings and stories of the macabre take center stage with this release by Woodland Press, LLC, an independent book-publishing firm located in Chapmanville, WV.

Noted horror writer/editor Michael Knost, a native of Logan, WV, returns as the anthology’s editor, and writers for this volume are an amalgamation of nationally respected authors in the horror, science fiction and fantasy fields, including Gary A. Braunbeck, Mark Justice, Bob Freeman, Lucy A. Snyder, Nate Kenyon, Steven L. Shrewsbury, Michael Laimo, Maurice Broaddus (here’s a review of my story), Brian J. Hatcher, Mary SanGiovanni, Jonathan Maberry, Rob Darnell and Nate Southard.

“This is a book that uniquely promotes the rich folklore and storytelling tradition of our Mountain State,” says Keith Davis, CEO of Woodland Press. “Readers went crazy over the first installment. Actually, Legends of the Mountain State remains the number one ghost tale book in the Mountain State. This fresh, new release builds upon its predecessor’s monumental success. We believe Legends of the Mountain State 2 will also appeal to readers outside the state’s borders. West Virginia has more than its share of ghost stories, legends and peculiar oddities.”

The Legends Of The Mountain State series is available at www.woodlandpress.com or at the Horror-Mall.

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