People are always asking me where they can read my stuff. You know, without having to actually PAY for the privilege. So I thought I would list the stories of mine that are available online as free reads:
Pimp My Airship
– “I think I’ll write a steampunk story with all black characters and call it ‘Pimp My Airship'”. Which Apex Magazine published August 2009

The Ave
– from the now defunct Horror Literature Quarterly (November 2007). Originally, this story was the second half of the story “Rite of Passage” published in Space and Time Magazine (November 2008). An incarcerated man comes face to face with the spirits of his African heritage.

In the Shadows of Meido
– IDW experimented with having short stories in the back of their comics (December 2005). Because if I’m going to write a vampire tale, it might as well have some samurai in it. Warning: this vampire doesn’t sparkle.
Uncle Boogeyman

– I believe this was the second story I wrote when I decided to be a writer (and originally the other half of the tale “Nurses Requiem” which was published in Dark Dreams III). Many drafts later, it was published by Dark Recesses in November 2009. A few nurses aides take it upon themselves to carry on the work of a mysterious force within the confines of a nursing home.

Just and Old Man on a Bench
– Originally bought by Brian Keene when he was the editor of the site (June 2004). Everyone has a story, perhaps even a deadly one, even an ordinary looking old man just sitting on a bench. This story is the prelude to “Just a Young Man and His Games” published in Doorways Magazine (March 2008)

– an EARLY story of mine published on the Fear & Trembling site in November 2007. A little girl realizes she has the power of life and death over her baby sister. It was inspired by and named after this painting by Seymour Guy.