As I wrap up my promotion blitzkrieg for Dark Faith: Invocations as well as the newly released Knights of Breton Court omnibus, here are my latest stops around the web, starting with a guest blog:

Many Sources

The whole idea of inspiration fascinates me. In my quiet moments, I believe that I don’t have much of an imagination. So many of my stories and characters spring from my own life that I often feel that I’m not so much “writing” as I am “transcribing.” Also, I consider myself a spiritual person, thus created in God’s (the ultimate Creator) image, thus I could say that the Holy Spirit is my Muse. So in a sentence, life is my ultimate inspiration and writing is my mission.

When I wrote King Maker, the first book in what would become my Knights of Breton Court trilogy, it sprang from those two things coming together.

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If you miss the sounds of my sultry voice, you can hear me on a few more podcasts:

BOSS FIGHT: Maurice Broaddus – Dark Faith Invocations

In this special boss fight for “In the Month of Madness” we talk to Maurice Broaddus the editor of ‘Dark Faith Invocations’ by Apex Publishing. From how to get your start in the writing world to the books that influence us we have one hell of a mini episode in store for you. Toss your earbuds in and settle in for this amazing interview.


20 Minutes with Maurice Broaddus

Maurice Broaddus – author of the “Knights of Breton Court” series, editor (with Jerry Gordon) of the newly released “Dark Faith: Invocations” anthology, speaker of the pompetis of love – joins me and guest co-host Ryan Stevenson for an remarkable Showcase interview. During our 20(ish) minutes with him, Maurice discusses the writer’s lifestyle, explores theme and genre, and presents an amazing personal insight into the power of genre fiction. There’s so much writerly goodness here, we can barely contain… so take some for yourself!


Workshop Episode 34 (Guest Host: Maurice Broaddus)

Maurice Broaddus – author of the “Knights of Breton Court” series, editor of the “Dark Faith” anthologies (with Jerry Gordon), crafter of worlds and tales of wonder – returns to the Big Chair at the Roundtable to help me and co-host Ryan Stevenson workshop an alt history fantasy by podcaster and Guest Writer Zach Ricks. Zach’s tale – described as “James Bond in Harry Potter’s world during the time of Downton Abby” – launches us into a frothing brainstorming session, dealing with alternate global politics, romantic triangles, nefarious plots, and a huge dragon slumbering under Yellowstone Park. Literary gold abounds!

I keep a running list of all of my stops for the Dark Faith: Invocations net tour here.