As I continue my promotion blitzkrieg for Dark Faith: Invocations as well as the newly released Knights of Breton Court omnibus, here’s where you can find me:

Over on SFSignal, they ask the questions: What makes a hero (or heroine) a hero instead of merely a protagonist? Is the idea of a straight up hero old fashioned or out of date in this day and age? And me, Matt Forbeck, Chris Holm and others sound off.

Over on Mary Robinette Kowal’s blog, I discuss some of the behind the scenes things that I loved about writing the Knights of Breton Court. Be warned: I’m a nerd. (One thing I left out, as a part of researching the book and some of the ideas in it, I had a huge discussion with Catherynne Valente about whether or not King Arthur ever loved Guinevere…)

You know how new writers are advised not to discuss things like politics and faith on their blogs? Well, Robert Swartwood and I said “screw that!” as we discuss (dark) faith and politics and Christian horror in this podcast.

Not on the web, but still on your newsstands, the latest issue of Rue Morgue (#126) has a write up of Dark Faith: Invocations, where me and Jerry Gordon sound off.  Between this and the review in Fangoria, I’m a happy nerd this week.

There are a couple new interviews up. I’m the featured author as a part of Celebrate Knoxville’s October Frights. And SpecMusicMuse and I discuss some of the music I write to.

Btw, have I mentioned my appearance on Writing Excuses 7.40: Writing the Other?