Before I give my usual brand of update about the latest reviews up over at Hollywood Jesus, I just thought I’d give you a heads up. Voices From the Other Side (Dark Dreams II) is out, gently cradling my story “Black Frontiers.” I’m alongside such other writers like Eric Jerome Dickey, Tananarive Due, Brandon Massey, and LA Banks (plus, it’s always cool to be in an anthology with your friends – like Chesya Burke, Lawana Holland-Moore, and LR Giles).

Again, so that you aren’t confused, at HJ, we try and engage culture (as opposed to the all too often Christian stance of throwing stones at, and withdrawing from, it). You see, many Christians take the position to retreat from “the world” that way their spirituality won’t be corrupted by disparate elements. This is a by-product, I believe, of a highly individualized Gospel message that basically concerns itself with that individual getting their soul “saved”. A kind of “fire” insurance faith. But, that’s a different debate.

The goal of HJ is to apply our faith in such a way that it is culturally relevant. A friend of mine said that this is a perpetual challenge in any culture. The gospel must be culturally relevant or it will not gain a hearing. Since all cultures possess negative elements, the gospel must also challenge the culture. There is a fine-line between a culturally-captive and a culturally-relevant gospel.

Yeah, I’m pretty much building up to letting you know about my latest bits of procrastination over on my Hollywood Jesus review blog. I’m supposed to be editing novels, instead, here are my latest reviews. Take the Lead, ATL, Slither, and V for Vendetta. And I have a Prison Break marathon planned for tomorrow, so expect that review soon.

Now go buy Dark Dreams II. Then let me know what you think.

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