You ever walk into the middle of a conversation that you can tell has been had often before? This is going to be one of those conversations and rather than re-hash old territory, let’s start fresh. There are some words, phrases, disparaging remarks that are off limits. Let’s be grown-ups: of course there are words one group can use that another/an outside group can’t. Don’t start crying “how come they get to?” to me. Seriously, the “he did it first” mess doesn’t fly with me when it comes from my five year old.

(Continued on Intake in “Membership has its priveleges”)

Should some folks not use some words then for the sake of consistency and modeling? Maybe.
There are certainly some words I’d prefer we’d simply get rid of, however, until then

(And allow me to reiterate: membership also has its costs. Funny how folks want the “privileges” without having to pay the price of admission).

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