Oh, did I mention that I have been writing a column for the newly re-launched Midnight Diner?  Editor-in-Chief, Michelle Pendergrass, approached me to do the articles, which in turn has sort of sparked me doing more on my blog.  SOOOOO, you have her to blame.  Here’s the opening of the first column:

 midnight diner 5.1Writing the Other?  Check Your Privilege

Welcome to my inaugural column here at the Midnight Diner.  I suppose some measure of introduction is in order to give you a head’s up on what you’re in for.  On my blog and in my stories, I like to regularly explore non-controversial topics, such as race, religion, politics, and class. I have a story in the latest issue of Asimov’s SF.  “Steppin’ Razor,” a steamfunk tale with a re-imagined Jamaica as a superpower, England ruling the world (including the American colonies), robots, Rastafarians, assassins, and the clone of Haille Selassie, and the fact that, as one reviewer noted, “there are no white characters in the story.”

I’ve perused a handful of other reviews and you might be surprised to find out that there are no notes concerning the lack of black or non-white characters in other stories.

Should I await the lecture on writing the other?

(continued in the Midnight Diner 5.1 available on Amazon now)