My column for the second issue of The Midnight Diner (issue 5.2) is available.  Here’s the opener:

A Hole of Social Media

I.  Digging a hole

midnight diner 5.2People screw up.

Social media can be a tricky landmine field.  For example, take a tale of two friends.  One friend writes a well-intended blog, it gets taken wrong, and the conversation goes in all sorts of unintended places.  Another opines in the heat of passion in a blog post, Facebook status, magazine column as if they are just talking to their buddies and not living in the age of the Internet.  In either case, social media becomes the wild west, where anyone can see and jump into a conversation, and before long drama is up and running.  In either case, it’s easy for words to come tripping out of people’s mouths or off their fingertips in keyboard fury, ahead of their brains.  Social media captures a snapshot of people, sometimes leaving them exposed as … in a hole.

(continued in The Midnight Diner 5.2 available here)