ds9Over on SF Signal, I’m part of a discussion answering this question:   What was the first or most memorable geeky pop-culture debate you ever had? Or what’s that one thing you can’t stop ranting about? What was the outcome? Are you still on speaking terms with your opponent? Why are you so passionate about this?

My answer:

Deep Space Nine is the best iteration of Star Trek

This is probably the geek rant 1A I have most often, only because folks don’t immediately concede my point and improve their lives accordingly. (1B being DS9 vs. Babylon 5, only because whenever I bring up the fact that DS9, besides being underrated, someone usually starts running off at the mouth about how DS9 ripped off B5 *gives Jerry Gordon the side eye* ). Let me lay this out for you…

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Not that I’ve NEVER mentioned DS9 on this site:

Star Trek:  Deep Space Nine (Or “Ruminations on a Black Jesus”)

-Worf’s Journey of Blackness Part I and Part II