Here is the livestream of the Cafe Creative panel at the Center for Black Literature and Culture.

Here is some footage from the Cafe Creative prelaunch reception

If you left the Café Creative soft launch early, you missed the dance party that broke out…


Here’s the Afrofuturism as Community Development livestream

And the “Wine with (t0) Jen” Interview as a podcast from Just Keep Writing

Pics by Wildstyle, Stacia Moon, LaShawn Wanak, Clarence Young, Sally Broaddus

Now that I’ve had a chance to rest and recover, allow me to say this: this year’s Mo*Con was magic. So, this is my big thank you post:

Make no mistake, it’s the people that made Mo*Con so magical. It’s been my privilege to watch it grow (at the speed of relationships) and this was our largest (and smoothest running!) Mo*Con. Thank you all for coming, being a part of things, and making it so special.

One of the things I’ve learned working with The Learning Tree and the KheprwInstitute is to appreciate and celebrate the gifts and talents in our community. Be they artists like Sylvia Ess McKee or Mechi Shakur, poets like Januarie York (who Held. It. Down. Friday night), photographers like Wildstyle Paschall(no one, and I mean NO ONE—accept no imitators—covers the scene like him), or pastors like Mike Mather who do so much in the community.

We DO NOT play around when it come to food and drinks at Mo*Con. Here are some of the (not so hidden) treasures in our community. Ro Townsend and Earl E. Townsend of GRoE, Inc.Chef Oya’s The TRAPJamaican Breeze Sports Bar & Grill (Ja’Net was the real MVP of Mo*Con), We Run This Foods, and Sip & Share Winery.

I cannot say enough about the amazing magic brought by my guests of honor. Sheree Renée ThomasTroy L WigginsBill CampbellDiana M PhoJen Udden. Just … wow. #amazing

Mo*Con returned last year and continues with the help and support of some amazing community partners: the Kheprw Institute (including the support of The Build, Afrofuture Friday, and Café Creative), Spirit & Place, and the Center for Black Literature and Culture.

Which brings me to the Mo*Con planning committee. Our safety officers, JJ Walker (to whom Pimp My Airship is dedicated) and Nick BrightStacia Moon(is there anything she can’t do?). Sibeko JywanzaJerry GordonRodney Carlstrom.

And Sally Broaddus. For supporting and hosting this madness. I couldn’t do it without you.

It takes a village and I love my tribe.