Truth be told, I was quite nervous about Mo*Con II. I finally was able to pin down what was making me so nervous (besides, you know, Brian Keene being Keene). It was the fact that with Mo*Con II, my two families, my writing family and my church family, were coming together. And, you know how it goes when two sides of a family meet: you want them to get along with each other.

Friends are the family you choose. Talking to Alethea Kontis, I realized just how much this con was more of a family reunion than a con. Probably one reason that fuels why we go to so many conventions is to be able to maintain the friendships we have made despite the mostly solitary pursuit that is writing.

-Chesya is like the little sister who NEVER SHUTS THE HELL UP.

-Wrath is like the older, smarter brother who steals all of your girlfriends.

-Keene is like the older, smartass brother who likes to pants you in public.

-Gary Braunbeck and Lucy Snyder are like the loving godparents who always have your best interests at heart.

Debbie Kuhn. Family. Alethea Kontis. Family. Gary and Nancy Frank. Family. John and Rebecca Hay. Family. Indiana Horror Writers. Family. Steve Shrewsbury. Family. And a great thing about family is that it is always growing. You feel me? Don’t make me get to preaching.

(No, really, don’t. I’m exhausted. I have to haul out a dozen trash bags worth of garbage still and then attend to my poor, poor carpets.)

P.S. Speaking of family, once again, I’d like to thank my wife who has the patience of a saint for allowing me to essentially hold a four day room party at our house.

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