May 20th-22nd, 2011

What is Mo*Con?

Mo*Con VI:  The Lowdown

Brought to you by the Indiana Horror WritersMo*Con is a convention focused on conversations revolving around horror literature and spirituality (two great tastes that taste great together!). If you enjoy writing, horror, fantasy, poetry, and food, you’ll find plenty to enjoy at this convention. Basically, imagine a room party held in a con suite, and that’s Mo*Con.

Who Will Be There?

Lee Thomas.  Lee Thomas is the award-winning author of STAINED, PARISH DAMNED (Telos), DAMAGE (Sarob), and THE DUST OF WONDERLAND (Alyson). In addition to numerous magazines, his short fiction has appeared in the anthologies A Walk on the Darkside (Roc), Unspeakable Horror (Dark Scribe), Wilde Stories 2008The Best of the Year’s Gay Speculative Fiction (Lethe Press), and Inferno (Tor), among others.  He has won both the Bram Stoker Award and the Lambda Literary Award.  Writing as Thomas Pendleton and Dallas Reed, he is the author of the novels, MASON, SHIMMER, and THE CALLING, from HarperTeen.  Lee currently lives in Austin, TX, where he’s working on a number of projects.

Cullen Bunn.  Cullen Bunn’s fiction and non-fiction has appeared in a number of magazines and anthologies. Somewhere along the way, he founded Undaunted Press and edited the small press horror magazine, Whispers from the Shattered Forum. He also managed to win the infamous World Horror Convention Gross-Out Contest four times -– an honor for which he is proud, appreciative, and–at least a little–ashamed.  The first issue of Cullen’s horror noir comic book, The Damned, was released by Oni Press in 2006.  The first story arc,  Three Days Dead, has been collected in trade paperback.  The second story arc, Prodigal Sons, has been published as a three-issue mini series.  A third arc,  Daughter’s Danse, is forthcoming.  Cullen still makes some time for prose, and some of his more recent short stories have been published in the Dark Arts Book collection, Like a Chinese Tattoo.

Gina Ranalli.  A New Englander by birth, Gina currently resides in the emerald green heart of Washington State, where she enjoys consuming copious amounts of caffeine, playing with her animals and generally acting like a hyper seven-year-old.  Gina Ranalli is one of the leading authors of the bizarro fiction genre, as well as an author of horror fiction. Some of her novels include Suicide Girls in the Afterlife, Chemical Gardens, Wall of Kiss, Mother Puncher, House of Fallen Trees and Praise the Dead. Her collection, 13 Thorns (with Gus Fink) won the Wonderland Book Award for Best Story Collection of 2007.

Lucien Soulban.  Lucien hates writing bios.  So, 1) Born in Saudi Arabia; 2) Lived there for 12 years; 3) Went to school in Hell… er… Houston, Texas for 8 years; 4) Moved to Montreal, Quebec and in doing so, found the glove that fit my hand; 5) I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.Q. What are you most proud of having accomplished?  A. So many things. The Orpheus limited series was the crowning achievement of my years writing for White Wolf. As was my novel Blood In, Blood Out. The Dragonlance novel Alien Sea is definitely another, given how much I love the series.


Danny Evarts.  Danny Evarts smartly quit writing long ago to pursue things he is more interesting at. Having lived in many places the world over, and experimented with many jobs and career paths, he discovered he was best suited to the visual realm, with an emphasis on playing with other peoples’ words. He now works as Art Director and Technical Editor for Shroud Publishing (, as well as doing freelance design and illustration (mostly in wood and linoleum block printmaking), and goofs around with various other forms from bookbinding to fiber manipulations. Danny obviously enjoys playing with new things. View more of his works at

Featured Guests Include:

Chesya Burke
With more than 40 publishing credits to her name, including the acclaimed Chocolate Park, Chesya Burke has been making her mark in the horror and fantasy worlds. She has several articles appearing in the African American National Biography published by Harvard University and Oxford University Press, received the 2003 Twilight Tales Award for fiction and an honorable mention in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Science Fiction: 18th Annual Edition.

Jason Sizemore is not a fan of writing bios, so he makes up stuff to make himself sound interesting. For instance, he graduated from Transylvania University (okay, this one is true). He believes floods are the precursor to zombie infestations (again, true). And the first anthology he ever edited earned a Bram Stoker Award (all right, another fact). His latest anthology will be Dark Futures from Dark Quest Books. Jason maintains a personal website at  Most importantly, he owns and operates Apex Publications, the press that has helped Maurice Broaddus become a famous writer.

D Harlan Wilson. Award-winning novelist, short story writer, cultural theorist, screenwriter, pseudobodybuilder, and associate professor of English at Wright State University-Lake Campus. DHW’s books include Dr. Identity, or, Farewell to PlaquedemiaBlankety Blank: A Memoir of VulgariaPeckinpah: An Ultraviolent RomanceTechnologized Desire: Selfhood & the Body in Postcapitalist Science FictionThe Kafka EffektStranger on the Loose and Pseudo-City.  Dr. Identity, winner of the Wonderland Book Award, marks the first installment of The Scikungfi Trilogy. Book 2 isCodename Prague. Book 3 is The Kyoto Man.  This year Atlatl Press will release DHW’s latest fiction collection,They Had Goat Heads. DHW holds a M.A. in English from the University of Massachusetts-Boston, a M.A. in Science Fiction Studies from the University of Liverpool, & a Ph.D. in English from Michigan State University.

Anderson Prunty.  “I write things. My latest book is called MY FAKE WAR.”

Steven C. Gilberts
Steven and his lovely wife Becky now live in a spooky Queen Ann cottage within a small Dunwich-esk village of southern Indiana, near the now abandoned ammo plant of his youth. While hiding from the townsfolk, Steven concocts odd illustrations for the small press industry. His work has graced magazines from Apex Digest to Cemetery Dance, Dark Wisdom to Shroud Magazine.

Gary Braunbeck
Gary A. Braunbeck is a prolific author who writes mysteries, thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, horror, and mainstream literature. He is the author of 19 books; his fiction has been translated into Japanese, French, Italian, Russian and German. Nearly 200 of his short stories have appeared in various publications.

Lucy Synder
Lucy A. Snyder is the Bram Stoker Award-winning author of the novels Spellbent and Shotgun Sorceress and the collections Sparks and Shadows,Chimeric Machines, and Installing Linux on a Dead Badger. Her writing has appeared in Strange Horizons, Weird Tales, Hellbound Hearts, Masques V, Doctor Who Short Trips: Destination Prague, Chiaroscuro, GUD, and Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet.