In addition to hanging out at the Apex Book Company booth, here’s where you can find me at Gen Con next week (as a part of the Writer’s Symposium):


Writing the “Other”: Maurice Broaddus, Kelly Swails, and Elizabeth Vaughan

Authors must often tell stories from the perspective of characters that aren’t anything like them. In this panel, learn techniques that let you dip into the psyches of characters whose background is completely different from your own and to do it in a way that is convincing to your reader.

Thursday – 12 PM

Well Said!—Getting Dialog and Language Right: Donald J. Bingle, Maurice Broaddus, Matt Forbeck, and George Strayton

Capturing a character’s voice can make the difference between a character the reader believes in and one that just doesn’t ring true. Learn to create distinctive voices for your characters that feel natural to the reader, and explore the art of writing convincing conversation.

Thursday – 6 PM

Quick Critique: Elizabeth Vaughan, Maurice Broaddus, Jason Sizemore, and Patrick Tomlinson

Got a few manuscript pages in your game bag that you want critiqued? Our authors will look at up to three pages and offer you an on-the-spot critique. Don’t pass up this opportunity for some free one-on-one advice. Seats are limited and pre-registration is required!


Writing from Life: Gregory Wilson, Donald J. Bingle, and Maurice Broaddus

When writing genre fiction, it’s tempting to look to one’s favorite books and movies for inspiration. The danger in doing this is that your story may end up as little more than a retelling of someone else’s tale. Our panelists talk about looking to life for inspiration as way of creating richer stories while avoiding the tropes, conventions, and clichés of genre fiction.

Though I’m not officially on the schedule, I’ve been asked to crash this one:

Friday – 2 PM

Christianity and Gaming PanelDave Mattingly and the Christian Gamers Guild.  Panel discussion with Q&A time on balancing faith and gaming.


Ghosts, Spirits, and the World Beyond: Paul Genesse, Maurice Broaddus, Kerrie Hughes, and Lucy Snyder

Who needs zombies and vampires? Ghosts are the original undead, and they’ve haunted our imaginations for thousands of years. Our panelists explore ways you can use the restless dead in your stories, discuss why ghosts still excite us, and seek to inspire you with a few real life ghost stories.


I’ll be doing a signing for The New Hero volume one at the Stone Skin Press booth at Gen Con.