So I was reading this month’s Ebony magazine because, you know, that’s what Black people do. Actually, it was my mom’s Ebony, but I needed it for research (long story. Hmm, a pun: it’s for a long story, a novella in fact). Then I stumbled across the article “10 Ways to Tell if He’s the One.” So I posed the signs to her–because I’m such a girl–to see if I passed:

1. He Listens to You. “Before your man opens his heart to you, he has to first open his ears.” Well, hate to start the test off on such a rough note. Almost didn’t pass this one, but she gave me a (reluctant) passing grade on this one.

2. There is a Natural Ease and Flow. “…a natural chemistry that defines your interaction.” Check.

3. You Don’t Have to Compromise Who You Are. Relationships are hard enough without having to change who you are. I’m all about letting her be the best “her” she can be. I mean, sheesh, I ain’t changing, why should she. Ah, relational laziness got me a check here, too.

4. You Trust Him. With a bit of hesitancy, I passed.

5. He Enriches Your Life. “Your Mr. Right should stretch your imagination and …” blah, blah, blah. I had her right there.

6. He’d Be Your Friend Even If He Wasn’t Your Man. Luckily, and unluckily, this was often tested. (Um, the longest we were together without breaking up was the time of our engagement, all six weeks of it. But hey, we were great friends).

7. He Pampers You. Got no choice, I’m broke, so a little pampering goes a long way.

8. Both of You Share Common Ground. Similar religious backgrounds, and more importantly, similar worldviews. Check.

9. You Become a Part of His World. Yeah, though that’s not a place she often wanted to go.

10. He Sacrifices for You. “The right man will consider sacrificing for you an honor, not a burden.” See broke comment.

Her parting words: “Good thing you turned out to be my soul mate, otherwise we were screwed. Next time check this BEFORE we’re married.”