With all the stuff that was going on this past weekend, I haven’t had time to devote to mocking my city and state.

First, there was the traffic jam that started due to a truck overturning. It was carrying powdered cheese. Did I mention the freakish turn our weather took? Rain, then frigid temperatures. And powdered cheese. I can’t begin to describe to you what this looked like, though I suspect that you can imagine.

However, the biggest part of the weekend had to be the Star Wars Celebration III. Never heard of it? I’ve, obviously, had to suffer through three of these things. Of course they make the news when a battalion of stormtroopers march downtown.

Fans of “Star Wars,” dressed as their favorite characters in the science fiction epic series, waited in line Friday for the Celebration III costume pageant at the Indiana Convention Center. Celebration III was expected to draw about 28,000 people in its four-day run.

28,000 nerds in one place. I mock because I love. I don’t know if they hit those numbers, but the threat is bad enough. Thousands of cold, wet nerds. Um, it’s a tough love.

George Lucas, the master of all Jedi, was in town Saturday for Celebration III, and for about 10,000 soggy “Star Wars” fans at the Indiana Convention Center, it must have been akin to an audience with the pope of pop culture.

I had friends down there. Strictly in an observing capacity, I’m told. They became a part of the nerd hierarchy: who knew that Star Wars fans looked down their noses at Star Trek fans?

This isn’t enough. The debates have been going on for weeks now, but Indiana might be on the verge of joining the rest of the country:

State lawmakers may vote as early as Tuesday on the controversial proposal to link Indiana with most of America in observing daylight-saving time.

Even if it passes, which I doubt because now we wear it as a badge of honor to be odd, we then have to decide (or have decided for us) whose time we’re going to be on. I watched part of the debates (hey, we don’t have cable at the moment. It was that or a Jerry Springer re-run. Yes, I recognize re-runs now.) A guy against DST made this brilliant argument: if we switch to daylight savings time, “there won’t be any evening activities because there won’t be any evenings.” Wasn’t the West Wing episode making fun of us because of this enough?

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