Okay, I found this editorial piece by Matthew Tully while looking for something else.

Did you happen to see a report this week about the Bureau of Motor Vehicles banning clocks at its branches? In what has to join the list of Most Bizarre Government Policies Ever, BMV bosses have decided that hiding clocks is a great way to make long waits seem shorter. Without clocks to watch, people standing in long lines supposedly won’t be able to complain about just how long they’ve been waiting.

I’m not kidding. Someone who collects a paycheck from Indiana taxpayers actually came up with this idea. At first I thought the idea was part of a plan by Gov. Mitch Daniels’ administration to dampen the furor over daylight-saving time. Just hide all of our clocks! But no, this is actually a serious attempt to reduce customer complaints at the BMV by preventing clock-watching.

I guess if it works in casinos it will work in our license branches. Thank God no one wears watches. Though Tully does beat me to the jokes about if hiding clocks does end the cherished tradition of griping about BMV service, then government can solve all kinds of other problems with simple prohibitions.

No calculators: City and state budget deficits could be erased in one day if the budget folks would toss their calculators in the trash. If you can’t calculate deficits, why worry about them?

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