Sometimes I miss our old neighborhood. Sure, it had its issues, but I never had to worry about vacuum salesmen coming to our door. The occasional Jehovah’s Witness (heck, yeah I let them in. They brought a turkey.) or a Mormon (admittedly, this time I answered the door in my underwear and kept asking about their nursery). Maybe the occasional meat guy (what do you mean you’ve never had a guy come to your door selling meat out of his trunk?). Never a vacuum salesmen.

I’ve answered the phone as my own German maid. I’ve been the house-sitter and explained that “Maurice was off in the Olympics” (and was pressed for what events so they could watch me). My wife used to chide me because sometimes I’d just randomly take calls (yes, we have caller id) knowing they were sales calls just to chat with folks sometimes. I kept one AT&T; on the line for an hour and a half. I did end up buying something from her because I felt a little guilty on that one.

Anyway, here’s the new Intake column. “No Solicitation.

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