“No*Con started (this year) because we took a 1 year break from Mo*Con which is a writing/artist convention Maurice put on here in town for 10 years. After we announced the end of Mo*Con, people complained that there were no more Mo*Con (which is short for Maurice Convention) and so we created No*Con (which is short for no convention, so no convention, which means no planning and hard work for us this year, it’s just hang out time at our house) which hangout at our house always happened at Mo*Con but it was always after the convention part was over and everyone would come to the after party at our house each night. So I guess this No*Con is just the after party part, oh and the great food part of Mo*Con. ” –Sally Broaddus

I love it when people are befuddled by Mo*Con. They want to know the same sort of things:
-“what’s the agenda?” (dinner, drinking, and dialogue)
-“what do we do?” (eat, drink, and talk)
-“do we bring books?” (sure, if you want)
-“will there be panels?” (there will be constant conversations, rooms full with some of the most intelligent creatives I know)

It’s a gathering of people who care about similar things–writing, reading, stories–who share meals together and talk. It’s strictly about building relationships. If you have an agenda to sell or make deals or basically anything other than building relationship, you will be frustrated.

Luckily, no one was frustrated this year.