It’s funny how, as a writer, I can feel like I have nothing left to say.

It’s not true, of course.  It’s almost like that silly worry when you’re a single person and you wonder what married people talk about after they’ve been married for ten years.  Or twenty.  Like they will have exhausted every anecdote and original thought so they just sit across the table from one another reading the newspaper or watching bad television just to fill the silence.

That’s kind of how I feel about the blog every so often.  There’ll be these long gaps on the blog when I’ve simply got nothing to say.  Nothing going on in my life.  No current events which have pricked my muse enough to spur me to write.  I get this … guilt … whenever I leave the blog unattended for too long.  Luckily, I always have the occasional review.

It’s funny, this is another reflection of the writer’s hubris, that something we think is worth committing to paper, much less worth being read.  And while the blog is nice, it was mostly a place where I spun together thoughts between projects and of late, I’ve had plenty of projects to be working on.  And, frankly, I didn’t want to overwhelm readers with stuff in my head and heart while I work through stuff.  (Yeah, yeah, I know, that’s what blogs are for.)

I mentioned that I loved the idea of inhabiting space of our characters, the downside is that that’s where my head is usually.  Which means that toward the end of last year, when my blog fell silent during my “this book’s almost done push”, I was focused on the Hero’s Journey.  What does reconciliation, forgiveness, and restoration look like in pursuit of the greater mission?  I did jot down a lot of notes for what would have been potential blogs, but then as I was wrapping that project up (yay, King’s War!) I began a non-fiction book project involving the book of Hosea, so all of those notes went into that.  Of course, the blog is still fairly silent because I’m now on the “this book’s almost done push” for that project (two chapters this week, then the last two over the next two weeks and I’m done).

Think of it this way:  I’ve put about 60-80K worth of blogs into a book for your convenience.  Don’t breathe too much of a sigh of relief as on tap I will be working on:  a post apocalyptic novel with Wrath James White (examining the nature of God … who seems to be the cause of our post apocalyptic setting.  This will not be confused with Left Behind, you can believe that); a children’s book that’s Coraline meets The Velveteen Rabbit (because that’s how a horror/urban fantasy writer follows up a series); and a steampunk novel (because I need something to help keep me balanced between horror and a children’s book).

And I’ll go ahead and hit post on this bit of whiny self-indulgence, even as I keep in mind that no one’s been saying “Maurice, remember the days when you were posting six blogs a day?  Yeah, we miss those days.”