I have a few projects now available:

Eulogies II - Tales from the CellarEulogies II:  Tales From the Cellar (edited by Christopher Jones, Nanci Kalanta, and Tony Tremblay – HW Press)

Tom Piccirilli – The Thing With Nothing To Give And Nothing To Lose
Gerard Houarner – Touch
Gary Braunbeck – What Once Was Bone
The Great James A. Moore – No Title Announced
Maurice Broaddus – Awaiting Redemption
Lucy Snyder – Spare The rod
Matthew Warner – Muralistic
Steve Vernon: Captain Nothing Story – Neck Bolt Lynch Pin
Keith Minnion – On The Hooks
Gary McMahon – Kitty
Eric Dimbleby – Chuck
Rose Blackthorn: The Lilac Hedge
Michael Boatman: Born Again
Thad Linson: Writers Block
Janet Joyce Holden: Song In Absentia
Wesley Southard: By The Throat
Nicole Cushing: The Cat In The Cage
T. T. Zuma: Chiyoung and Dongsun’s Song
Brent Jenkins: Meepy
Theresa C. Newbill: Three poems
Abra Staffin-Wiebe – The Miracle Material
David Schembri – The Black Father Of The Night
Magda Knight – Footnotes
Malcolm Laughton – Puttyskin
Jonathan Templar – The Second Carriage
Mary Madewell – A Mean Piece of Water
Eric Guignard – A Serving of Nomu Sashimi
Arthur Crow – Three Poems
Rebecca Brown – Jasmine and Opium
V. M. Zito – No Title Announced
John McIlveen – The Bore
Sean Logan – Dissolution

“Awaiting Redemption” explores how one man appropriates a religion, using it to spread his cruelty.  This story will be up on the Pseudopod site in a few weeks.

Beyond Sun Cover.inddBeyond the Sun (Edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt – Fairwood Press)

10 Introduction • Bryan Thomas Schmidt
13 Migration • Nancy Kress
30 The Hanging Judge • Kristine Kathryn Rusch
45 Flipping the Switch • Jamie Todd Rubin
61 The Bricks of Eta Cassiopeiae • Brad R. Torgersen
77 The Far Side of the Wilderness • Alex Shvartsman
85 Respite • Autumn Rachel Dryden
97 Parker’s Paradise • Jean Johnson
111 Rumspringa • Jason Sanford
132 Elsewhere, Within, Elsewhen • Cat Rambo
146 Inner Sphere Blues • Simon C. Larter
161 Dust Angels • Jennifer Brozek
169 Voice of the Martyrs • Maurice Broaddus
185 One Way Ticket • Jaleta Clegg
200 The Gambrels of the Sky • Erin Hoffman
206 Chasing Satellites • Anthony R. Cardno
219 A Soaring Pillar of Brightness • Nancy Fulda
236 The Dybbyk of Mazel Tov IV • Robert Silverberg
253 Observation Post • Mike Resnick

You can’t have an anthology about space colonies without examining the repercussions of colonialism.  With “Voice of the Martyrs,” imagine the church future takes its “army of the Lord” mandate to a military conclusion.  And its mission trips become armed incursions.


Vampires Don’t Sparkle (Edited by Michael West – Seventh Star Press)

Vampires Don't Sparkle“A New Life” by J. F. Gonzalez
“What Once was Flesh” by Tim Waggoner
“The Darkton Circus Mystery” by Elizabeth Massie
“Robot Vampire” by R. J. Sullivan
“Beneath a Templar Cross” by Gord Rollo
“The Weapon of Memory” by Kyle S. Johnson
“The Excavation” by Stephen Zimmer
“Skraeling” by Joel A. Sutherland
“Dreams of Winter” by Bob Freeman
“Dracula’s Winkee: Bloodsucker Blues” by Gregory L. Hall
“I F*** Your Sunshine” by Lucy A. Snyder
“A Soldier’s Story” by Maurice Broaddus
“Rattenkönig” by Douglas F. Warrick
“Vampire Nation” by Jerry Gordon
“Curtain Call” by Gary A. Braunbeck

Sometimes no matter how bloodthirsty vampires can be, they have nothing on the cruelty man has for his fellow man.  At least that’s what’s at the heart of “A Soldier’s Story.”


Leverage - CompanionThis long-awaited sourcebook for the LEVERAGE Roleplaying Game includes expanded rules for staging heists, planning capers, breaking in, busting heads, bypassing firewalls, and putting one over on the Mark. It’s the ultimate resource for both players and Fixers, including more cons, new twists, a host of cover identities, criminal masterminds, cutting edge technology, high-powered weapons, fighting styles, and expanded rules for overcoming security measures and handling tech-heavy jobs.

Designed by Cam Banks, Bill Bodden, Maurice Broaddus, David Hill, Jimmy McMichael, Aaron Pavao, Andrew Peregrine and Elizabeth Sampat.  Foreword by Mark “Jim Sterling” Sheppard. Based on TNT’s hit show, LEVERAGE.

Publisher’s Note: This is the combined volume of the previously released LEVERAGE: GRIFTERS AND MASTERMINDS and LEVERAGE: HITTERS, HACKERS AND THIEVES.