Sorry. It’s been a flurry of activity trying to get my stack of piling up reviews written, work through the myriad details regarding the Dark Faith anthology, and writing a novel (not to mention that there are a lot of blog topics swirling around in my head that won’t leave me alone until I post them). Anyway, those are the main reasons for the blog silence, though I maintain a steady stream of gibberish via my Twitter.

And this weekend I’m off to KillerCon. Here’s my schedule for those looking for me:


2:00PM: Seven Deadly Sins of Marketing and Self-Promotion. Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy: How to promote yourself and your work. Moderator: Matt Schwartz. Panelists: Brian Keene, Gabrielle Faust, Gene O’Neill, Maurice Broaddus, Lori Perkins


10:00AM Seven Deadly Sins of Characterization: Writing Believable Characters While Avoiding the Tropes: Moderator: Bill Gagliani. Panelists L.A. Banks, Hal Bodner, Maurice Broaddus, Adam Coats.

4:30PM Reading by Maurice Broaddus

7:00PM Male or Female? The game show that challenges the audience to guess the gender of the author of a passage of classic or current horror. Can you tell the difference? Moderator Matt Schwartz. Panelists Allen K, Maurice Broaddus, Rain Graves, L.L. Soares [For the record, I am going to SUCK at this game!]

And in a scary turn of events:


11:00AM Seven Deadly Sins of Living With a Writer. The Highs and Lows of Life With A Writer. Moderator: Jeannie Eddy. Panelists: Karen Lansdale, Christie White, Mark Worthen, Kelli Dunlap, Derek Sullivan. and now SALLY BROADDUS!!!