Okay, so I’ve needed to not write for a while. The last couple weeks I’ve gone largely blog dark as I had to get my novel done (Knights of Breton Court Book Two: King’s Justice). Once I get locked into fiction writing, I’m pretty much stuck there. Then after wrapping that up, I just wanted to not write or think about writing for a while … mostly because my brain is made of mush right now.

But I suck at breaks.

Already I’m thinking of stuff I want to do in another pass through of my novel manuscript. I also realized that I have six stories to work on (three are now done), before the novel projects I have lined up for January (more on that in my writing goals for 2010 blog). All of which is fine because I think of short stories are mental palate cleansers. They give me a chance to get out of the universe of my novel for a bit and experiment with some different kinds of writing. Some of the stories have been requested by editors, some I’m just doing for me because I’m running low on stories “out there” making the rounds to markets. I’ll write them first then worry about where to send them, which brings us to …

… the fact that I missed out on commenting on PayRateFail (see Scalzi, Ann and Jeff Vandermeer, Scalzi, Mamatas, and a different perspective) and HarlequinHorizonsFail (luckily, my nemesis was on the job here, here, and here) while I’ve had my head down, buried in writing. So I’ll have to wait til next time this comes up (if we all set our watches now, we can agree that 2010 we’re due for another racefail conversation before we get to another “you realize we don’t make crap writing short stories” discussion).

-I have a lot of free time on my hands these days, so I’m catching up on other mental palate cleansing activities. Stories from friends I’ve needed to read (yay the return of reading for fun and not slush or research!).

-I’ve also come to the conclusion that arguing your genre label (slipstream, bizarro, new weird, etc) is like arguing theological doctrinal/denominational positions. After a while, I don’t care.

-I’ve got a lot of reviews to catch up on.

-and there’s always real life getting in the way. But I can still tie that back to writing through the magic of IM chat:

me: okay, my son (malcolm) is learning how to be an editor: he comes up with a cool idea (fixing mommy breakfast in bed) and then enlists the best folks to do the job (daddy, um, you need to fix the food)
nicole: lol he’s learning how to delegate! if he’s like most small press editors, he won’t pay you for the task, either

Now back to my hobbit writing hole.