My Patreon is basically designed to allow me to do work in the community. I had people who learned what all I was doing in the city and wanted to be able to support me and I wanted to stay off budget for the organizations I work with. So, my patrons support me being able to give back to the community. For that, I thank you all so much.

At the Awesome Pics level: the rare shot of the kids (Ferb and Bellie Bob) acting relatively nice to each other.

At the Awesome Blog Post level: a sneak peek of my introductory essay for the upcoming issue of Apex Magazine called “Our Audacity” (the issue may or may not be Afrofuturism themed).

At the Awesome Pimpin’ level: Wrath, chapter 6, an unseen project by me and Wrath James White. And Serpent, chapter 3, an unseen project by me and Jason Sizemore.

At the Awesome Community level:
-My mentoring project, which includes my
Adventures with my (apparently never “former”) intern Bella:
“Mr. Broaddus, where you get your ideas?”
“Well, my friend Joshua A. Thompson is playing down at the ArtsGarden. Let’s go get inspired.”

Joshua was part of Art & Soul’s : “Black Migrations, Urban Realities.” He took us on a piano tour of the history of black people (I had no idea his performance would feature surprise vocal guest, Manon Voice) The pieces included:

Out of the Silence- William Grant Still
Africa, Land of Romance- William Grant Still
Adagio in F minor- Chevalier de St Georges
A Deserted Plantation- William Grant Still
In the Bottoms Piano Suite- R. Nathaniel Dett
Summerland- William Grant Still
Single Petal of A Rose- Duke Ellington
Deep River- Samuel Coleridge Taylor
Troubled Water- Margaret Bonds
Melancholia- Duke Ellington

Café Creative. Which gives me the excuse to “network” with my fellow creatives. Which includes me hosting Tatjana Rebelle’s “This is America” book launch (the pic at the top). Here’s part of my intro of her: “During our time working together, I came to appreciate Tatjana’s fierceness as a warrior and her incredible talent as an artist and teacher. I’ve seen her passion for justice, watched her fight for her people, and witnessed her love for her family. It’s been my honor to know her and call her friend. I give you Tatjana Rebelle.”

-And more! As always, I appreciate your support.

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