Over on my Patreon, I just made my list of writing goals for 2019. It looks like this:

Novel Draft

            -Freedom of Thought (Diop autobiography)

            -Sweep of Stars (science fiction novel)

            -Cypher (horror novel)

Second Draft

            -The Usual Suspects: Blackhats (middle grade novel)


            -untitled sword & soul for Beneath Ceaseless Skies

Short Stories

            -Autumn anthology

            -Uncanny Magazine

            -untitled collaboration project

Except for Cypher, all of these are due by July. And this doesn’t take into account if something I’ve turned in gets thrown back to me for the next round of revision (looking at you, Serial Box project and Pimp My Airship). Speaking of plans, here’s what we have going on for this month’s round up of the Patreon levels:

At the Awesome Pics level, well there’s Ferb. And more Ferb. A tale of triumph in four pics, if by “triumph” I mean “the strange places she gets to in order to get what she wants.”

At the Awesome Blog Post level, I answer a few process questions. I’ve received a lot of questions lately about how to schedule and rotate among multiple projects. Since you’ve just read about my writing goals/projects, I go into detail about how the sausage is made.

At the Awesome Pimpin’ level, I give a sneak peek at the cover art of the soon to be released book, Pimp My Airshp (spoiler: IT’S AWESOME!). I’m also continuing a couple of works in progress: Wrath of God (co-written with Wrath James White) and Serpent (co-written with Jason Sizemore).

At the Awesome Community level, I lay out my tentative plans for the year. This means what’s coming up for: Afrofuture Fridays, Mentoring, The Build (artist collaboration), the Superhero Workshop (using story to work through trauma). In other words, the main work that you support.