So I was recently asked about the work that I’ve produced over the last couple months. I rarely stop to think about what I’ve done. I more just turn it in and move onto the next thing. But I think this person was worried that I do so much work in the community (thus the community report) that I’m not getting any actual writing done. So here’s a quick peek at that:

-I completed the final line edits on The Usual Suspects

-I turned in a novella (for a project for a movie studio … that I can’t talk about yet)

-I turned in work for a Serial Box project (for a project … that I can’t talk about yet)

-I turned in the outline and first three chapters for a new Afrofuturist novel project (I pitched it as “Black Panther meets Game of Thrones…in space)

-I started revisions on two novels (one of which is Pimp My Airship – A Novel. Apex Books recently purchased the novel and it is due out in May 2019. Those who have been subscribing at the $10 level will get a copy of it. The other book project is an urban fantasy called The Lost Griot. I’ll post the opening chapter of this next month for subscribers at the $10 level).

[Also pictured are my other current projects: a biography of a local hip hop artist and the sequel to The Usual Suspects (Blackhats). I get my work in, too.]

There are projects that have been announced as coming out, most of it from my collaborative period:

“The Rebel” (written with Sarah Hans) in Mechanical Animals


“Wolf at the Door” (written with Anthony Cardno) in Chiral Mad 4


“What the Mountain Wants” (written with Nayad Monroe) in Do Not Go Quietly (coming soon)


So in tribute to this spirit of collaboration, for those subscribing at the Awesome Pimping ($10) level and above, I’ll be posting the first chapters of Wrath (written with Wrath James White) and Serpent (written with Jason Sizemore) this month.

At the Awesome Pics level, well there’s Ferb. And me. A couple behind the scenes photos of a Broaddus family tradition (we make home movies for our Christmas party. We start filming the day after Thanksgiving. This was from two years ago when Ferb had a starring role).

On other Patreon updates, that Bella the intern post has already come back to haunt me. I am now mentoring at the Kheprw Institute and through SFWA. I even adjusted a level on Patreon for folks looking for some quasi face-to-face mentoring time. I’ll post about the responsibilities of being a mentor/mentee and posts answering questions from them from time to time.

In the Community Report, updates on an author event and the planning of Spirit & Place and Mo*Con.

As always, thank you so much for the support. You allow me to get so much work done in the community.