I just wanted to say “Thank you!” to all of my Patreon backers. Your support helps the work that I do in the community, both the Indianapolis community as well as my writing community. Writers are paid on an erratic schedule and cash-flow issues are common; community organizers even moreso. Your financial support has allowed me to leverage opportunities for other creatives as well as buy me some breathing room for more time for writing.

Speaking of the writing, a story up mine recently sold and is now up over on Uncanny Magazine. The Migration Suite: A Study in C Sharp Minor was deeply inspired by my work in the community (as well as by the artists there who push me creatively). And I was interviewed about the story by Caroline M. Yoachim here.

I have two other stories which are under consideration at different magazines. And I’m almost done with a new short story/novelette currently titled “Bound by Sorrow.” It’s a sword & soul/Afrofuturist piece. It is helping me think through the faith and magic system for my Afrofuturist novel, Sweep of Stars, which I’ll be starting in a couple weeks.


Meet The Afrofuturist Sci-Fi Writer Changing Indianapolis

I feel like I’m a bit in make-up mode since I was so quiet on my Patreon over the summer (thus extra pics and pimpin’). Though it’s not like I’ve been slacking. Indianapolis Monthly ran a nice piece on me called Meet the Afrofuturist Changing Indianapolis and Nuvo wrote a nice piece on our Indy Black Authors Gathering. Plus my whirlwind Clarion, Shared Worlds, Scares That Cares jaunt.

Here’s a round up of the latest being offered over on my Patreon:


Where I’ve Been edition – a couple shots from my whirlwind “tour”.

Ferb helps clean the turtle tank (Sept)


Wrath (a peek at a work in progress co-written with Wrath James White)

Serpent (a peek at a work in progress co-written with Jason Sizemore)


Marketing Pitches – got a project that you’re trying to come up with a perfect elevator pitch for? Here’s some of the things I’ve done.

Writing Through Tough Times – got a lot going on in your personal life and are wanting to figure out how to get writing done in spite of it all? Here’s some of the things I’ve done. (Sept)


-This Patreon was largely started because some folks approached me wanting a way to support my work in the community. Here’s where I keep those folks updated on what I’ve been up to. Includes an update on Café Creative, the artist platform launched by the Kheprw Institute.

-For September, we’ll be looking at Creating a Better Future and the genesis of One World. Don’t know that is? This is where you find out.

Obviously, there are a couple new community and writing initiatives that I’m a part of that are in the beginning stages. But know that without your support, none of this would be possible. So again, thank you!

I launched a Patreon because some friends wanted a way to help support the work that I do in the community. If you would like to support it (and receive updates on the work that’s being done) please feel free to join. Thank you so much!
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