And now a few pics from the Independent Music and Art Festival:

Undefeatable Beats put on quite the show.

T.J. Reynolds, host of the open mic night at United States of Mind, is front and center on the drums. He’s no dummy: he’s positioned right behind his dancers.

He took to the speakers to perform one of their signature pieces (I’m calling it their signature piece, since I just heard him perform it the night before at USOM).

Emory Salem was cool. It’s too bad that I didn’t get a shot of the guy in blue knitting. Yeah, I said it: knitting. Maybe they were going for a performance art thing, but I felt like our listening to them perform was interrupting the booties he was trying to make. I believe that they are in studio cutting a demo as I type this.

The guys from Wolfy once they were somewhat cooled off.