So my oldest son, Maurice Gerald Broaddus II (Reese), has decided to try his hand at writing a story (this AFTER my two boys getting me to write a story about them). Anyway, I warned him that if I put it on my blog, it would be considered published and he wouldn’t be able to sell first rights down the road. He told me he’d do a re-write and change the title, for now he just wants the exposure. Young writers.

Ah, good times … I remember my first story. Looking over Reese’s story, maybe we should back away from watching so many Law & Order reruns.

ReeseAbout the author:

At seven years old, Reese Broaddus is in second grade. He’s been declared the new master of suspense (I explained to him that many new writers like to make extravagant claims about themselves with no track record to back them up. His response: “what’s suspense?”). He once had a thing for Maurila, but now a young lady named Rachel is the love of his life (which I’m not allowed to write about in my blog). He lives at home with his parents and brother (I also explained that many authors tend to include their pets. He informed me that since we no longer have Midnight, his brother would have to do). He doesn’t eat paste (I wish that all the professional writers I knew could claim that).

Prison (A Work in Progress)

Chapter 1 – Jail

One day there was a crime at Main Street. Tim robbed the Bank. He took $21,680. Tim went to jail for Thirty weeks. Tim’s wife Broke up with him, Tim was not that mad. Tim was more mad at the Police.

Twenty weeks later Tim’s son turned two years old. Tim was so happy he yelled and was jumping up and down, his face turned red. Tim got in trouble for yelling.

Ten weeks later Tim went to court. Tim’s ex-wife was there. He was so scared because his mom was also there. Tim’s mom was not that happy with Tim.

Tim was found guilty at court. Tim had to stay in Jail one more week. Then his dad came to visit him. Tim got in trouble by his dad.

Chapter 2 – Money

One day it was Pay Day. Tim dropped his money, another man stole his wallet with all of Tim’s money.

Tim was so upset he threw a fit. Tim called 911 and said someone took his wallet. “Someone’s a thief and snatched my wallet and walked away,” Tim said angrily.

Chapter 3 – Not at Jail

Tim was at his own home again. He was glad because he was not at jail. He did not want to find a girlfriend, but one day Tim found a girlfriend her name was Abigail. They are getting married in 20 months. Tim is going to get a job. Tim wants to have six kids.