I didn’t end up voting.

I’m reminded of what Chris Roack said after the O.J. verdict: white people are too angry and black people are too happy. In this post-election furor, Democrats are too happy and Republicans are too angry. I guess that I’m tired of going to my mailbox looking for my “Democracy” prize.

That’s part of the blessings of freedom, that I can still check for my “Democracy” prize and still not care about the election.

This nation can survive which ever party gets in. If it can’t, we have too fragile a system. We “survived” President Clinton, we’ll “survive” President Bush. We “survived” a Democrat-ruled Congress. We “survived” a Republican-ruled Congress. We’ll “survive” another Democrat-ruled Congress. You know why? One, we love oppositional politics. Whenever the party of the Presidency and Congress are the same, we get a little nervous. Two, let’s face it, the differences between the parties aren’t much. The parties are more about consolidating their own power and beating the “other” guys than any real agenda.

From my vantage point, ideologically, Republicans have been driving the cart (or did no one notice how much of their agenda was pushed through under and by President Clinton) and the Democrats have no identity other than “at least we’re not them.” That’s supposed to get me up in the morning? (Memo to Democrats: say what you want, but Senator Hillary Clinton would give you an identity. Sure, she’d define you as hard left, but it’s be an identity. There’d be a legitimate debate about distinguishable agendas. I wouldn’t vote for her, but I’d enjoy the debate of ideas).

I am a person moved by ideas and no one made me care. I suppose I could’ve gone through the motions of participating in Democracy. I supposed I could’ve gone and voted a straight Republican ticket and been a cog in the political machine. However, the machine is fairly hopeless right now. I’m no political junkie, but as far as I can tell, the reason President Reagan is regarded as one of the greatest presidents of the recent era was his ability to stir people with a vision and give them hope. I don’t see anyone on the horizon who can do that (though, Republican or not, a Barack Obama/Evan Bayh ticket would make me vote Democrat).

Apathy really ought to be a political party. If anyone cared enough to organize us.

This has been yet another well thought out political half-rant.

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