During the opening of Primeval, I was left once again asking the question “White people, are you kidding me?” A series of holes open up around the country, in this case England, dinosaurs come pouring out, and you feel compelled to go through? This is the premise o Primeval, the lastest sci-fi show from BBC.

Co-created by Tim Haines (one of the men behind the Discovery Channel series Walking with Dinosaurs) and similar to Stargate (moving through time instead of space) there is a simple equation to figuring out the show:

Primeval = Torchwood – sexy + dinosaurs

The anomalies are doors to the time zones in the world’s history, the past is right beside us, and becomes linked to us. Prof. Nick Cutter (Douglas Henshall), an authority on gaps in the evolutionary record, assembles a team who spend most of their time having crushes on one another. He himself is in a bit of a love triangle as his wife, who disappeared eight years earlier, keeps popping up along with the dinosaurs. Throw in some government bureaucrats, scientific mumbo jumbo, and a bit of an on-going mystery, and you have a strange but entertaining gumbo that lands just this side of camp. It’s not quite Jurassic Park but not quite Land of the Lost in terms of the special effects, though sometimes the CGI comes off as rather cartoony.

“It’s the pieces that don’t fit that interest me.” –Prof. Cutter

As always, a show about dinosaurs stirs up many spiritual issues. Too many Christians apply the litmus test of evolution vs. literal six day creation on folks before they will let them in. The hubris of those in possession of this spiritual secret knowledge (latter day Gnostics in many ways) chase off serious spiritual seekers. It’s just as bad, even worse, when science and religion get in bed together, such as the attempt to apply “scientific principles” and scrutiny to the Genesis creation account from the Bible. People, friends of the Bible, make claims then attempt to prop them up with evidence, proofs, and diagrams. This, by the way, despite the fact that the Bible never makes the claim of it being foundational to knowledge (inspired and useful, yes; foundational, no.)

Primeval achieves the right mix of being kid friendly, without the Sarah Jane Adventures level of kid pandering. I’ve really been enjoying the show, but this is partly based on my oldest son’s (age 7) assessment that “dinosaurs are cool.” So, yeah, the show’s kinda cool.

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