We’re in the last two days of a drawing to raise money at the Carl Brandon Society.  The Carl Brandon Society, an organization dedicated to racial and ethnic diversity in speculative fiction, will hold a prize drawing of five eReaders and a signed copy of the award winning anthology, Dark Matter, to benefit The Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship Fund, a fund that sends two emerging writers of color to the Clarion writers workshops annually.

Look here, you all fail to understand:  K. Tempest Bradford has a goal.  She wants to raise enough money to cover one full tuition to Clarion Diego, which is currently over $4900.  This is not a woman you want to play with.

I don’t think you hear me.

We have TWO days for the eReader drawing.  If you haven’t bought tickets yet, please do! Or, if you don’t care about eReaders or the autographed Dark Matter, just consider donating directly.

As if you need any other reasons, here’s a link to five good reasons to support this scholarship.  When people complain about why there aren’t as many people of color writing genre fiction or wondering what we can do to encourage young writers of color, we can point to the efforts of the Carl Brandon Society.  That should be a good enough reason.  I, however, only need this one:  the image of K. Tempest Bradford being displeased.

No one wants that.