(That’s code for nothing useful being posted today.)

This is my reminder announcement to all those interested that I will be the guest of the Red Light District, a horror message board, for their “Chat with the Sinister Minister.” Tuesday night 9/27/05 at 9:00pm. (Come to find out, that’s 9:00 pm “white people time”, so I guess I’m making the appropriate adjustments to the clocks in my house.) So join the group interview, and you too can find out how long it takes someone to ask whether I am secretly married to Chesya Burke.

The Katrina jokes have started in earnest. Though this may only make sense to the uber nerds of the world, I, for one, am publicly condemning Katrina: The Gathering as wrong, wrong, wrong. Brilliant, but wrong.

While I’m at it, I am continuing to do my part to bring the races together. I have been directing some of my brothers and sisters to the video How to dance like a white guy. I’m particularly fond of the “point to the Lord.”

By the way, I think the time has come for a new horror Cabal. It’s high time for a new group of horror writers to form a clique and oppress future horror writers or at least give them something to complain about. I’m officially accepting applications. By the way, congrats to my friend Jen Orosel on her latest bit of good news. I’m officially inducting her into my new cabal. Though we need a new name. Probably a new leader, since I’d only end up hen-pecked by Chesya, but at least a new name.

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