The first Crossed Genres Quarterly is now available for sale! More than 75,000 words, this issue collects the previous 3 web issues of Crossed Genres, as well as 3 exclusive stories, 1 nonfiction piece and 1 interview. Guess who the interview is with?

A Pornokitsch Golden Tentacle award winning writer!

Stone Skin Press recently announced the table of contents for The New Hero, their first short fiction anthology. Look what kind of great company I’m in:

Ezekiel Saw the Wheel, Julia Bond Ellingboe
Better Off Not Knowing, Jeff Tidball
Warrior of the Sunrise, Maurice Broaddus
The Midnight Knight, Ed Greenwood
The Thirty-Ninth Labor of Reb Palache, Richard Dansky
On Her Majesty’s Deep Space Service, Jonny Nexus
Cursebreaker: The Jikininki and the Japanese Jurist, Kyla Ward
Against the Air Pirates, Graeme Davis
Fangs and Formaldehyde, Monica Valentinelli
Bad Beat for Aaron Burr, Kenneth Hite
Charcuterie, Chuck Wendig
Sundown in Sorrow’s Hollow, Monte Cook
A Man of Vice, Peter Freeman
The Captain, Adam Marek

And we’re looking to Kickstart funding for this year’s Mo*Con. Check out the video.