So today we’re celebrating my wife’s birthday. Her actual birthday was earlier this week, but this was the best weekend for us to celebrate it. Since I’ve been rather lax about her birthday the last couple of years, I thought about what I could do to make this birthday special. I came up with a theme for the party. We’re declaring a Sally Day.

I love theme parties. Every Christmas we have a theme Christmas party (because EVERYONE dresses up for Halloween, but not too many folks get to come in costume in December). Granted, I sometimes get complaints about my parties forcing people to think, but, hey, that’s life when you’re friends with a creative person. My idea for Sally Day was for everyone, in lieu of gifts, to bring a memory of their time with my wife. Pictures. Poems. Stories. And then we would decorate the room in “the story of Sally.” This idea has even more relevance in light of us losing a friend last week. [The part about me saying that I wanted to be stuffed and put in the back yard is true. It’s either that or me being cremated and my ashes put into jewelry and sold to my friends, family, and fans.] We should celebrate the lives of those we love while they are still here to appreciate it.

Anyway, at the party, in addition to some pictures of her blown up (nothing except pics I’m positive she is proud of), I will be displaying one of the poems that I wrote for her as well as possibly reading one of the eulogies I wrote for her. (Yes, I write eulogies for my wife. Like my sister getting advance approval on what I was to say at her wedding, my wife wants veto power on stuff I might say once she’s not there to stop me.)

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