(Aka, blogging about my blogs makes me more meta than thou)

This year was a lighter blogging year than usual.  In the irony department, in the two years of my unemployment, I have blogged ever less (which I address in, ironically, one of my most trafficked blogs of the year).  Each year I like to reflect on my year of blogs and draw attention to some of the favorites that you may have missed.  It is a complex formula that I use to calculate this list.  It’s slightly based on stats to the site, feedback I’ve received across my various platforms, ones I go “hey, I really liked that one”, and if I was ever accosting in real life over a blog’s content.

Reviews don’t count* as they probably speak more to their fanbase.  Either that or I have serious misunderstanding of who makes up my core audience.  So no need to check out:

Invader Zim:  Operation Doom


Big Time Rush

Batman R.I.P.

Also, my special projects don’t count, though the reading period for Dark Faith 2 is about to start, our Miseducation of the Writer project takes shape, and folks need to get in on the early bird registration for Mo*Con.  Here are my thoroughly unscientifically, unranked highlight blog posts:

Championship Heart aka Getting Published isn’t Easy – This was my response to a sentiment of entitlement I began noticing among some unpublished or underpublished writers.  Because, yes, writing/publishing is hard.  It’s supposed to be.  In that same vein, Being Mauricenary demands that we get paid (or at least avoid many scams by seeking professional rates and not settling for less).  Ironically, in explaining my less than daily blog output schedule, Nothing to Say, I don’t know what lesson to take home from the fact that a blog in which I say, I don’t have much to say, gets some of the highest traffic of the year.

Our Rally Focus America Audition – So writer, Wrath James White and I auditioned for a reality show.  No, seriously, we did.

The Knights of Breton Court:  The Big Themes – every now and then, I actually write about the books and/or stories of mine that have been released.  The best part of discussing your own work is just how difficult it is to avoid sounding pretentious.  But I’m a writer with DEEP.  THOUGHTS.

Hole in the Soul – A Work in Progress – One of my rare excursions into poetry.  It may make it into a novel I’ll be writing soon.  Or I’ll just e-mail it to my counselor and she what she makes of it.

Guest blogs don’t normally get me into trouble, however, add the topics of homosexuality and the church and suddenly no one’s opinion/story is safe.

Pastor Brad Grammer – writes on learning to listen to people’s stories.

Danny Evarts – tells the story of growing up gay in a fundamentalist Christian household.

And since I can’t resist a good argument, I waded in with Confessing our Homophobia in the Church

Uncle Tom’s Athletes – Jalen Rose launches into a tirade about how Duke’s coach, Mike Krzyzewski only recruited black players who were Uncle Toms.  I gots opinions.

Just Don’t Marry One – folks who are in interracial relationships didn’t need that phrase explained to them.  And luckily a church in Kentucky helped educate the rest of y’all.  Good times.

O Lawdy:  You can take the N***** out of the book, but you … wait, what? – besides having one of my favorite titles, I opine on the release of a “deniggerized” edition of Huck Finn.

So, young bloggers/writers, as you’ve learned, the key to a successful blog and/or writing platform is to never write on anything controversial, especially race, politics, sexuality, or religion.




*For the record, the blogs with the highest traffic of all time (at least since I reconfigured my blog) are:

Wolverine and the X-Men – A Review

-Invader Zim:  Operation Doom – A Review

-Big Time Rush – A Review

Ninja Assassin – A Review

-iCarly – A Review

Ratatouille – A Review

Legend of the Guardian:  The Owls of Ga’Hoole – A Review
Only then do we get to my first non-review blog, Shame on Us.  So that brings us to our second lesson, being that my only formula to blogs is writing what I’m passionate about, having a platform like HollywoodJesus backing me up, and occasionally ranting about what a mess J. Michael Straczynski’s run on Spider-Man was (the next highest trafficked blog post of mine).

Happy Blogging!